1/2/2012:  I’m available for free spiritual life coaching sessions as I intuit my own spiritual life coaching methods and get accustomed to with working with clients in-person, over the phone, and email.  I accept love and light donations through paypal and/or testimonials  if you are able to manifest beneficial, tangible results via our mutual energetic connection and interactions with each other.

What is a Spiritual Life Coach? I follow my intuition and heart’s wisdom while being fully aware and present, guiding, and holding a space for the client to tap into their own innate inner wisdom.

Code of Ethics

As a coach, I pledge to honour and support the beliefs, values, individuality, objectives and goals of my client(s) so that they can grow and expand the areas of their personal and / or professional lives that they have chosen. In doing so I pledge to respect my clients individual requirements, limitations and personal boundaries. I will remain constructive and instrumental in any feedback or exchange between us and will put first and only the well-being and expressed desires of my client(s) and at no time my own self interest or personal gain as it pertains to the coach / client relationship.
I agree to maintain the confidentiality of my client(s) and the coaching relationship. I will hold confidential the name(s) of my client(s), information about their personal and / or Professional life, colleagues or related parties without the express permission from the client.

I will provide coaching to clients only in the areas of my expertise. I will not offer guidance, advice or council in any specialised area in which I am not qualified or licensed. If it becomes apparent that the client has challenges or problems that are beyond my expertise, I will request that the client seek advice, council or services from a qualified professional to help them in that area. I will reserve the right to terminate the relationship until the client has done so if the challenge or problem impedes the forward movement of the coaching process.

I pledge to continually pursue my development as a professional coach by making a commitment to my own personal growth and exploration, maintaining a connection to the coaching community at large by meeting regularly (a minimum of once bi-monthly) in either a live or virtual group of peers, professional coaching organisation(s) or coach training organisation(s) and participating in a minimum of ten hours of coaching related classes, workshops, seminars, conferences or conventions per year.

My Websites:

http://www.meetup.com/Houston-Eckhart-Tolle/   (meetup group in Houston)

http://redisoveringourspiritualessence.wordpress.com (Spirituality)

http://westlamathtutor.wordpress.com (Math Educational Resources)

http://www.live365.com/stations/ck12248384  (My female alternative radio station)


A new spiritual-based career surrounded by co-workers and helping clients who are very curious; like to investigate or analyze information; passionate about helping, informing, enlightening or teaching themselves and other people; and a chance to be innovative, intuitive, imaginative, creative and detail-oriented on various tasks or projects

I’ve decided to become a spiritual life coach in conjunction with working or doing research for a spiritual-based non-profit organization in the future, also math tutoring for HISD inner-city school

Favorite Skills

My prior experience is optical engineering; however, I’m interested in other career fields wanting to make a difference in people’s lives that could utilize my skills, experience, passion and knowledge:

  1. Research/Investigative: I’m very good at internet researching for information, etc as I am very persistent and curious about any subject I am searching for and learning about.
  2. Learning/Problem Solving: I’m excellent at using my computer, math and reading skills as well as being detail-oriented.
  3. Compiling/Organizing/Classifying: I’m currently working on a spiritual autobiography.
  4. Reviewing/Evaluating/Analyzing: Skills I’ve used on various engineering projects.
  5. Tutoring/Guiding/Helping: I tutor at the Culver City adult school as I enjoy helping other people learn particular subjects: computers, math, english, reading, writing, etc. as well as interested in becoming involved with non-profit organizations that want to make a difference in people’s lives

Tags: Guiding, Helping, Research, Investigative, Learning, Problem Solving, Analyzing, Evaluating, Reviewing, Compiling, Organizing, Classifying

Values & Goals

  1. Consciousness – Helping to spiritually awaken people
  2. Heart – More forgiveness, compassion and love for ourselves and others
  3. Mind – Knowledge, clarity and wisdom concerning ego and awareness, peace, joy, compassion and forgiveness
  4. Spirit – Morality, justice, honesty, integrity among people, corporations and institutions
  5. Possessions – Helping people realize they have enough and that acquiring more will not result in lasting peace and joy.

Favorite Working Conditions

  1. Sense of helping others and making a difference in people’s lives
  2. Intellectual and emotional stimulation
  3. Independence
  4. Relationships
  5. Variety
  6. Flexible work schedule

Favorite People Environments

  1. Investigative
  2. Social
  3. Conventional
  4. Artistic

Favorite Interests

  1. Spiritual teachings & sociology
  2. Tutoring, mentoring, coaching, volunteering—helping people
  3. Reading, research, and analysis
  4. movies, animals, music

Favorite Book

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

Favorite Movies

Garden State, Zeitgeist series


Culver City Adult School                      Culver City, CA           January 2011-Present

Tutoring adult students in basic reading, vocabulary, math, science, American Gov. & History

REFERENCES            Available Upon Request


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  1. verina, rivka plas says:

    Im. looking for something like this in the surroundings of holland or around? I would like to talk to you somethime! can I coll you? reg. rivka

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