Enlightenment is no more or less than freedom from mental conditioning.

During thirty-five-plus years of working with people, individually

and in groups, I have listened as they described the details of their

personal lives—usually in regard to problems or difficulties—and I have

often pointed out that nothing they were describing actually exists in the

present moment, that they were only relating memories and projecting

them to continue into the future.

We unknowingly seal our own fate by projecting the past into the

future. We haven’t yet realized that every new present moment offers a

clean slate.


We will come to see that we are actually limited by our own beliefs

about things, when things actually are as they are, with or without our

descriptions and beliefs. The Truth is real whether we believe it or not.

Mysteriously, we live our lives as though what was true there and

then is also true here and now; we bring our past into our experience of

the present moment whether we actually desire to experience it again or

not (most often we don’t, and even wish it never happened in the first

place). Yet, unknowingly, we continually recreate our own past. In this

way we are slaves to the past.

Freedom includes freedom from the past as well as the future.


can allow ourselves to freefall into the present moment, without having

to hold anything together or control anything or hold onto any position

or stance. In other words, we can relax and let go of all the stress and

tension we create for ourselves trying to control our life and protect our


The average person might be horrified to know the degree to

which he is stuck in the past and unable to experience the truth of the

present. It takes a true and sincere willingness and openness to begin to

perceive the Truth of the existing moment. It takes work to overcome

past conditioning that rules our perception and experience.

Conditioning of mind and ego are the origin of all our automatic

tendencies, including our reactions to things that we later regret and

apologize for.

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2 Responses to Enlightenment is no more or less than freedom from mental conditioning.

  1. If you’ve always dreamed of living in the magic and mystery of life, gaining mind power and your natural ability to influence reality for your benefit, for your friends, family and those you care about most.

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