Principles for Review:


©      You will project onto others what remains unhealed and unforgiven (judged) within yourself.

©      Healing requires vigilance and discipline to observe yourself with honesty and innocence.

©      Anger is never justified[2] (valid); all events are neutral, providing a chance to choose love.

©      All actions and energies are love or the call for love.[3]

©      You literally create everything you choose; nothing is forced upon you. The universe is conspiring with you to awaken you and heal you.

©      Ask “what is this moment teaching me?”

©      You are a conduit of energy that can flow so radiantly that the conduit becomes no barrier to Light.

©      Judgment is contraction of this conduit. Judgment causes dissonant vibration and breaks down cellular structure. Furthermore, correct judgment is humanly impossible.[4]

©      Forgiveness is relaxation, peace, trust, and faith.

©      Past mistakes can be undone in the present because the energy exists now, and now is all there is. All minds are joined. We are spirit, not bodies.

©      To heal memories of times you have judged others, say to yourself now:

o   I judge you not.

o   I extend forgiveness to myself for what I have created.

o   I embrace you. I love you. I free you to be yourself. I bless you with the blessing of Christ.

o   Then let the image dissolve into light until it is gone, and be done with it.



  1. RECOGNIZE:  I am the source of my experience. I am feeling disturbed. What in me needs to be healed?


  1. RELAX:  Breathe deeply and rhythmically. Let the body soften and relax, then. . .


  1. ASK:  What is it in the energy of this person or this situation that is really upsetting to me?


  1. RECEIVE:  You will see it right away: ______________________________



  1. RETRIEVE:  Ask:  When have I done that to another? When have I held the same energy?


  1. CONNECT:  You will receive an answer or a memory. Continue to breathe deeply and relax. Look upon the energy. Honor it. Love it. For it is your creation, coming back to you that you might embrace and transform it. Stay with the answer or memory, saying:

©      Ah, being ___________. Yes, I sure can be ____________.

©      I’ve been that way in the past. I know that energy very well.


  1. FORGIVE YOURSELF:  Looking with deep honesty and sincerity upon a memory in which you have been ____________, say to yourself:

©      I forgive me for being ____________.

©      I forgive my judgment of myself.

©      I choose to teach only love.

©      Let the image dissolve and disappear from your mind.


  1. FORGIVE OTHERS:  Bring your awareness back to whatever upset you, and say (to yourself):

©      I forgive you, (insert name), for allowing the energy of ___________ to temporarily make a home in your mind.

©      Holy Spirit, show me the innocent light within ___________ (person or situation in the present that you have found upsetting).


  1. SEE CLEARLY:  When you see the light, ask:

©      What is this _________ energy in them masking? What are they really crying out for?


  1. LOVE:  You will feel compassion, for it will be revealed to you why they are hurting inside. Sit with this compassion and breathe it in. Accept it as part of yourself.


  1. CHOOSE AGAIN:  Now you are prepared to choose compassion instead of reaction. Ask that God’s Will be done through you, and your words and behavior can be different than you ever have imagined.

©      For through you will flow exactly what serves them.


  1. GIVE THANKS:  To your Father and your brother, for leading you back to love.

Miradrienne Carroll


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Let every voice but God’s be still in me. ~ A Course in Miracles

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