Loving What Is, Even the Painful Events in Life

My Dad always said ‘you teach what you want to learn’, so I wish you the best in making those dreams come true!  When we are ready, the teacher just appears!

 Pain does not have to continue, I have found that when I bless all that I have experienced, even the times/people/events that hurt me the most, I release their hold over me.  I can choose to love it all, b/c that is the sum total of who I have become.  Eventually it only matters that you can look in the mirror and love who is staring back at you.  An inability to forgive, others and yourself,  is to me a slow death in of itself.

 When I need words of encouragement, I hear them from the most random of strangers at the right time.  And when someone I meet needs them, I find the right words seem to flow out of my mouth without thought.

— Lee Ann Vogel


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