Contemplations from Debbie Ford’s, “The Secret of the Shadow” Book

“My life has a Divine Plan.”
“Every Aspect of Me and My Life Contributes an Essential Ingredient that Allows Me to Fulfill my Divine Purpose.”
“The Deeper Truth is That I Have a Story But I Am Not My Story,”
“It’s Safe for Me to Let Go of My Story,”
“Today I Choose to Take Total and Complete Responsibility for My Reality. And I Like It.”
“Every Painful Event of My Life Has Brought Me Great Gifts. I Find These Gifts Effortlessly.”
“Magic Happens When I Restore My Personal Integrity.”
“I Have a Specialty That Is Unlike That of Anyone Else In The World. It Is Safe for Me to Contribute my Specialty.”
“Outside my Story I am an Amazing Contribution to the World.”
“I Bask in the Glory of my Most Magnificent Self.”

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