Why We Should Step Out into The Unknown?

You may be asking, “Why would someone step up to be an organizer of an Eckhart Tolle meetup group in Houston if there is a possibility that they may be moving on in a year to a different location?” Well, I asked myself that same question briefly, or shall I say, my egoic fear and pride piped up again. And, then intuitively, my answer is that I believe that Eckhart Tolle’s message is so important to discuss and to foster that I felt compelled to step up and create a group, even though I may only be here temporarily, never have been a leader or organizer of anything, introverted, and always love being the one in the background or the follower.

However, I don’t know what the Universe holds for me now or in the future, so I just go with my heart and gut feelings and leave the rest to unfold later. Intention is powerful even if the group size or meetups never get off the ground. The ego will say well that was a waste of time because no one shows up to your meetups and you aren’t making a difference that can be seen at a physical sense level; however, our minds can’t fathom what kind of higher vibrational energetic shifts occur because of our intentions to help other people even if seems trivial to our ego. We don’t know what we don’t know. Let your heart and soul sing to the call of the Divine message of sharing your unconditional love for yourself and others. Not to mention, what energetic shifts occur inside of you permeating the form and formless World around you.

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