Personal Power & Prosperity Workshop in Orlando (Cathartic Work)

Hi Fellow Lightworkers,

I wanted to provide information to you that has been helpful for my healing and spiritual growth. The workshop helped me to start “FEELING” again after having numbed (dissociative) myself for most of my life to protect myself. The weekend workshops in Orlando are weekend long and $525, and well worth it, believe me. However, I realize that it may be hard for people to spend this amount and also travel to Orlando, so I may have an instructor come out for a half-day or full-day to help out or incorporate some of the exercises into some healing workshops if people are interested in Houston. I assure you that I am not getting anything for promoting or mentioning them.

Here is their website. http://www.p3orlando….. It is based on Adler theory and it is all about getting out of head and into your heart through individual and group exercises that push you out of your comfort zone. I like to go back to be an assistant for free from time-to-time, which has been a while actually.

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