My Intentions: The Way I Want to Live My Life

My Intentions: The Way I Want to Live My Life

I am passionate about being of service to others while simultaneously helping myself and others to spiritually evolve and live more in the present moment in order to help improve relationships with ourselves and others, thereby reducing suffering.

I am grateful for and appreciate everything and everyone who I have crossed paths with and will cross paths with helping me to spiritually grow in order to help myself and others to live more in the present moment.

I treat myself and others with love, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, empathy and respect. I am a good and decent human being even when no one else is watching.

I am committed to living with integrity, honesty, and sincerity and being more environmentally friendly in my life.

I will live and feel in the present moment and become aware of the wondrous splendor existing in and all around me. I will be a human being rather than a human doing.

I intuitively slow-down and know that there is nowhere to go, nothing to learn, change, be or do, as I am already where I want to be home in presence.

I realize that my agenda, assumptions, beliefs, opinions, preferences, resentments, regrets, worries, judgments, labels, self-imposed limitations, and expectations are ego-constructed thoughts that only get in the way of presence, which takes no effort.

I appreciate our greatest spiritual teachers: our kids and furry friends living in the present moment, and my suffering for showing me that I’m not in the present moment and lost in thought.

I realize that any time I am resisting what is, which is trying to control something, I suffer; however, I don’t cause suffering as suffering is self-imposed and optional. Accept change, as impermanence is permanent!

I realize that anytime I want to protect, defend, fix or enhance myself I suffer & allow for the possibility that someone else may suffer.

I realize that my whole life I have been living in a relative nightmare my ego not an absolute nightmare, so I can wake up at any time, by coming back to the present moment. Neutrality isn’t boring, its peaceful.

I never gave up on myself and my girlfriend never gave up on me, so how could I give up on anyone else, ironically, I had to give up my self, my ego in order to uncover what was already there my loving spirit.


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