A quote from Catherine Ingram’s book “Passionate Presence”:

“… there is a field of silent awareness containing all the events of our days.  Although we may sometimes be gripped by emotion or lost in a particular story, there is throughout each of our dramas a deeper reality of silent presence.  This is a silence of the heart rather than an imposed cessation of speech or activity.  It is a silence that is, we could say, the background of all activity.  We don’t need to find it because it is not lost.  If this is so, why is there so much searching and craving?  Seeking is compelling because it produces a a way for the mind to have a job.  It seems that we are almost genetically programmed toward relentless mental occupation with desire and avoidance, a desperate squirming out of now.  Perhaps nature has demanded that we keep on the move in order to stay alive but this is becoming detrimental to life … yet in awakened awareness the mind acclimates itself to an expansion in silence.  It gets used to letting neurotic thoughts drift and fade into nothingness, and it gradually loses interest in them even as they continue to arise.  Disinterest in neurotic thoughts limits their power.  What becomes more interesting is the open expanse of awareness through which all thoughts and everything else emerge and dissolve… “

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