Spirituality/Awareness/Oneness isn’t complicated, but our Ego Thinks It Is

How we as spiritual seekers get lost on the spiritual trail looking for the key to unlock us out of our egoic prisons or wake up from our egoic nightmares? Maybe, the key or alarm is in not looking for the key or alarm? striving, understanding(why? how?), competing, gathering, collecting, researching for something that always is just beyond our reach or seems beyond our reach. Awakening and awareness is not a rare find, a gold nugget to be found in the hills of California. It is here waiting for us to see through the illusion and falsity of our thoughts. How we have been duped? Who ever said that we should listen to our thoughts? We need parents, schools and society to tell us not to listen to our thoughts but to our heart, except when needed, such as, “Look both ways before crossing the street” or “Don’t touch the hot stove” and other important conditioned thoughts to keep us safe.

When will we get off the spiritual merry-go-around, around-and-around we go, where we end up nobody knows until we get tired and stop the ride and get off to rest in Oneness.  Oneness just like meditation should be effortless, efforting is the ego. The illusion that it must take hard work and sacrifice to reach the Holy Grail of peace and happiness.  Does it have to be complicated or difficult? No, but part of the spiritual journey is discovering that it isn’t or never was difficult or complicated to begin with in the first place. It is like when we lose something and it is right in front of our eyes, but we are so busying and panicky and concerned that we don’t slow down to smell the roses, walk in nature, get in touch with our souls or see the lost item right in front of us, or in this case inside of us. Then the background of Awareness becomes our foreground and the ego becomes the background.  We need to demote our ego, and put our authentic selves back in the driver’s seat.

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