In order to Change the World, Change Yourself First

“Be the Change that You Want to See In the World” – Gandhi

Look within as everything we don’t like or hate about the world is an aspect of ourselves we haven’t dealt with, processed and accepted yet, so how can we be coming from a place of love or authenticity in our words and actions until we deal with our crap first?

What do we really have control over anyway? Our false-self (ego) really believes that we can control and change ourselves and our environment coming from the feeling of a lack or need or to protect or survive in general. How can higher vibrational changes be made coming from lower vibrational energy? The ego needs to be in the backseat while our Divine Selves take over the controls and guide us allowing more authentic changes to happen on its own accord.

Get out of the way, bypassing your mind and thoughts into your heart and gut to let the Divine Spirit shine through in order to use our intellect, ego and gifts to influence, take positive steps, and make effective change.

“We must turn our attention toward giving ourselves the things that were missing in our past to heal our hearts of their inner poverty and deprivation. Then we will no longer be drawn to those who would wound us on the same way as our original caregivers. Then we will begin attracting partners who are healthy and whole enough to love us the way we want to be loved. Only after we’ve decided that we are worth loving and have actively begun to do so ourselves can we allow true love to take root in our hearts.” – Katherine Woodward Thomas

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